Wardrobe Choices like Life Choices we make

We pass through this world but once. Few tragedies can be more extensive than the stunting of life, few injustices deeper than the denial of an opportunity to strive or even to hope, by a limit imposed from without, but falsely identified as lying within. – Stephen Jay Gould


images (2)It’s one thing to lie outwardly about your outfit but something totally different and must drastic  is to lie internally to oneself.  In life and one’s life journey, we will encounter numerous of interactions i.e. “relationships” with another person.  Note that this is not limited to those JUST the intimate ones but any interaction with another.  What is baffling to me after many recent conversations with random acquaintances are the lies we apparently tell ourselves, the ‘concessions’ we make just to deal!  Yet the end result is just more hurt, pain and disappoint.

There is something to be said for having a well-rounded life with varying interests, people you can have a good time with, passions/events, activities you can engage in which all lend themselves to creating a life bigger than yourself thus enabling you a diverse arena to expand upon who you are.

When we throw all of our apples into one thing – a man and especially one who was not worthy of such commitment to begin with we feel loss, we in fact lose most of our control and power.  The last thing we want to relinquish power on is our being in this world.  We must first acknowledge and make peace with exactly WHO we are as individuals inside out; we must know and understand our worthy – that we are worthy; we must make the decisions that have our best interests at heart (not in a selfish way but a responsible where everyone ultimately benefits).  Let’s focus on controlling that which is in our power and allow the rest to happen according to the life plan.

broken silhouetteWe can lie about our outfit; the designer, our shoe size and no one will be the wiser but when we lie to ourselves or others about our relationships we are prohibiting ourselves healing and subsequently moving forward holistically!  I had a conversation with someone today who had been taken to through the ringer (silliness) but continued to lie to herself about her relationship.  Meanwhile, he has moved on, living his life, and continuing to treat you  he has yet as you’ve regained our ‘sight’ you realize now you deserve more.  To get more it should not include spreading this baggage to the next without taking time to cleanse, to rid yourself of what was.  It is not about forgetting as much as it is about acknowledging, making peace and knowing that ‘we’ will do better; that we will not satisfy the pains of the last with more pain from the next.

Like choosing a bad outfit, if we just ignore it vs understanding WHY we chose those pieces we’d be doomed to repeat it.  In life, if instead of embracing the pain and transgressions in hopes of doing different we will continue to pick the same Outfit selection.

There truly is nothing worst than being out in a bad or less than desirable outfit….can ruin a whole night!


– Selena Dawn



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