Doing the RIGHT thing!

Hardest things_same things

In life we are always presented with choices and oftentimes the outcome is dependent upon how we approach, deliver, and prepare ourselves for the response to said choice.

Sometimes doing what is hardest for you to do, and doing what is best, is the same exact thing. If we ever desire to live a righteous life, we have to be willing to sometimes not speak our mind when we know we can prove a point. It may mean saying goodbye to a person in your life that you never thought you would have to be without. Doing the right thing may mean that you have to go against the majority or popular opinion to stand up for what you feel in your heart you should stand up for.

Doing the easiest thing is not always what will be most beneficial to you. Many times we have to challenge our beliefs, our practices, and ourselves to see how we can really grow. So make the extra effort, and ask yourself about the situations that you encounter daily, in a new focus. Don’t look to do only what is easiest for yourself; focus on doing what is right.


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