New Year, Now What?


Now that the 1st 24 hours of the new year have passed, that leaves 364 days remaining to set goals, strive to be a better you, lose weight, etc. How many have already given up or failed to launch altogether after turning in from the festivities of New Year’s Eve? Better yet, as the clock struck midnight on 12/31/14 and Auld Lang Syne was sang and played wherever you were fortunate enough to be, how did your 2014 goals, dreams, and desires stack up?

That’s the thing about New Year’s eve and up to the 1st week of the new year….we make so many plans yet find ourselves back in the day to day of our lives and routines with our ‘resolutions’ but a distant past.

Instead of “Resolutions” how bout just resolving to be your best self in 2015 which means different things to different people yet emits a light of positivity with a positive end state no matter who owns it.  Being your best self seems pretty attainable and not too restrictive while still being open to interpretation.  Being your best self enables you to start from where you are today be it (in your opinion) already your best self, wanting more, wanting something different or just plain seeking something new.  We all know that what you put out in the universe is what you get back so aiming to be your best self will no doubt return goodness and who couldn’t use that in their lives?!

Above thoughtsworking out, eating better, being honest, blah blah blah try working from the inside out as in the core of you and watch how it permeates throughout all corners of your life. The good thing with just striving to be your best self is that no matter how far you get in that quest you will still have made a difference… yourself.

Soooooo, New Year, Now What?

Now YOU!!!  Get out there and find yourself but not just any ole regular you, your BEST self!

Happy New Year!!!


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